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Title Executive Chef
Categories Administrative
Salary $80000 to $100000
Location Washington, DC
Job Information

Executive Chef

 We are searching for a hands-on  Executive Chef for our Skilled Care Facility in the Washington, DC area that is a Team Player. Must have Healthcare experience!


Oversee daily operations of the kitchen and ensure the highest quality food products and service in accordance with our corporate standards. This position reports to the Dining Services Director and may be required to supervise other staff positions as well.

Essential Functions:

  • Oversee breakfast, lunch and dinner for quality assurance of meal presentation and portion control
  • Prepares and coordinates all meals from standardized recipes.
  • Coordinates prep for the following day’s menu.
  • Performs a pre-meal meeting with food servers to review detail of daily menu
  • Keeps stock rooms, coolers and freezers clean and rotated. All food must be labeled, dated and stored in accordance with local, state and county health department policies.
  • Ensures an adequate number of culinary employees each shift and ensures absences are covered as to not allow coverage holes
  • Assists in menu and recipe development.
  • Assists in food ordering and inventory
  • Assists in the adherence to maintaining budget compliance for daily food costs
  • Assists in applying appropriate loss prevention procedures.
  • Assists in hiring, training, scheduling, disciplining and termination of employees in accordance with Senior Lifestyle Corporation human resources policy
  • Assists in the coordination and execution of special events.
  • Maintains kitchen cleanliness and food preparation according to state and local health department code requirements
  • Provides training for all kitchen staff
  • Maintains daily interaction with residents
  • Ensures all kitchen equipment is in working order and kept clean at all times
  • Oversees the proper inventory, storage and use of cleaning chemicals
  • Keeps waste to a minimum by utilizing food storage and food recycling techniques
  • Participate in Manager on Duty program
  • Performs all duties in adherence to Senior Lifestyle Corporation standards
  • Strives to maintain a safe working environment through the prevention of accidents, the preservation of equipment, and the achievement of safe working practices
  • Maintains a positive and profession demeanor toward all residents, visitors and co-workers
  • Adheres to all policies and procedures of Senior Lifestyle Corporation
  • Performs other duties as assigned


  • Associate’s degree (A.A) or equivalent from two-year College or technical school; or six months to one year related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • SERV-SAFE Certified or equivalent
  • Obtain/hold any local, state and/or county required food handling/sanitation licenses and/or certificates

Qualified Executive Chefs please forward your resume to Eric Clay at or call Eric at 773-494-9365 for more information.

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Title Admissions Coordinator
Categories Administrative
Location Scottsdale, AZ
Job Information

Admissions Coordinator (Must be a Registered Nurse/RN)

 We are seeking an experienced Admissions Nurse Coordinator for our community Hospice Facility in the Scottsdale, AZ area.

REPORTS TO: Director of Admissions


The Admission Coordinator is responsible for responding to new referrals to identify needs, offer hospice solutions and admit medically eligible patients in a timely manner. The Admission Coordinator coordinates care and services and educates referral sources as well as patients and their families about the hospice benefit and available options. The Admission Coordinator strives for the goal of providing premier customer service.


  • Promote and practice the Sage Hospice philosophy and mission of: To provide the absolute most compassionate, comprehensive and qualified care to people with life limiting illness in order to serve them through their individual journey with dignity, respect and integrity
  • Leads the coordination of all patient admissions activity to include the arrangements of facility discharge, medication, medical equipment, medical supplies and other needs
  • Exhibits exemplary time management skills to complete a minimum of two to three admissions per work day
  • Meets with patients/families to identify and address educational needs and, if appropriate, offer hospice solutions
  • Evaluates patients to ensure medical eligibility for care/treatment/services based upon the Medicare hospice patient care and treatment coverage guidelines as well as the goals of care
  • Possesses the understanding and ability to explain to patients/families the various payer sources and requirements for coverage by those payer sources
  • As appropriate during admission, may begin the process of preparing family/caregiver for the dying process to include signs and symptoms of impending death and notification of hospice at the time of death
  • Reviews relevant medical records assessing for documentation to support hospice medical eligibility
  • Completes and documents all admission paperwork utilizing the company EMR in a concise and timely manner
  • Communicates with Admission Director, Director of Clinical Services and Vice President of Clinical Services, if necessary, on difficult referrals/admissions and when eligibility is undetermined following assessment
  • Communicates all pertinent data to appropriate teams and or departments
  • Maintains a high level of computer proficiency to navigate multiple tasks in order to complete documentation, orders and plans of care
  • Completes requests for non-required services (hospice aide, chaplain, volunteer, etc.) and initiates plans of care when service need is identified upon admission
  • Completes the admission plan of care in coordination with the patient/family
  • Participates in the Interdisciplinary Group meeting when requested
  • Builds collaborative and collegial relationships with marketing, medical records, clinical and all other relative team members and departments to assure coordination and continuity of care and services
  • Mediates and solves problems effectively
  • Communicates with all community partners and referral sources, as well as with families in a positive manner and consistently seeks win-win solutions
  • Evaluates patient/family outcomes and satisfaction with care/services provided
  • Identifies possible improvements in admitting functions in order to increase access and promote efficiency
  • Collaborates with pertinent facility staff to communicate all referrals/admissions occurring in the contracted facility and identify/address facility staff hospice educational needs
  • Builds an ongoing collaborative and collegial relationship with all external customers; e.g., acute care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and medical groups
  • Possesses the ability to work autonomously with efficiency, effective time management and strong work ethics to see a task to completion while recognizing when assistance is needed from other disciplines
  • Assume all other duties as assigned by supervisor.


  • Must be a Registered Nurse (RN) with current RN licensure in state of employment as required by designated position, or the ability to obtain required license upon hire
  • Two years of nursing experience (Experience in hospice, home health, ER, ICU preferred)
  • CPR Certification
  • Demonstrate exemplary interpersonal and communication skills.
  • High-level time management skills with the ability to multi-task
  • Competent computer skills
  • Knowledge of hospice Medicare/Medicaid regulations
  • Personal car for travel, valid driver’s license and insurance coverage for automobile

Qualified Hospice Admissions Coordinators please forward your resume for review to Eric Clay at or call Eric at 773-494-9365 for more information.



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Title Laundry Manager
Categories Administrative
Salary 40K to 65K
Location Fort Wayne, IN
Job Information

Laundry Manager

We are searching for an experienced Laundry Manager for our community hospital in Fort Wayne, IN area.

The Laundry Manager is a professional who is responsible for the overall management of the laundry and supervises the work of the employees working in a laundry. The effective implementation of laundry manager responsibilities will ensure that all the linen and garments are washed and cleaned properly by ensuring adherence to the general policies and regulations of the laundry. He/she is responsible for ensuring that the laundry generates more profit margins and that the customer complaints are kept to a minimum level, and that if there are any issues they are being solved promptly. While overseeing the work of his/her subordinates, he/she makes sure that all the safety and health regulations have been followed.

Key Responsibilities:

The Laundry Manger is a professional responsible for delegating the work to the uniform and laundry personnel and giving them directions on how to proceed with their work. Before the laundry personnel starts their work, he/she makes sure that all the laundry equipment and any other relevant things are in proper working condition and that every employee adheres by the OSHA requirements and guidelines. He/she is thus accountable for the health and safety of the employees working in the laundry.

  • To schedule and plan the daily work for the laundry personnel and delegate the work depending on the workload and priority requirements
  • To supervise the work of the laundry personnel when they are preparing some solutions that need to be used for sterilizing the fabrics or laundering purpose
  • To regularly inspect the progress of the work and to make sure that quality is maintained and may shift the personnel according to changing priority work situations
  • To maintain and update all the records related to their attendance, punctuality, leaves taken, etc., and conduct interviews in case there is requirement for additional staff personnel. He/she may also be involved in hiring or terminating the employees
  • To train and mentor the new workers and give them valuable information regarding various laundry procedures that need to be followed while working
  • To make requisition for any laundry supplies like detergents, soaps, bleaches, disinfectants, starches, etc., and to maintain proper records of the supplies and the items that have been laundered
  • The laundry manager in addition to the above responsibilities ensures that all the laundry equipment, machinery and premises are being maintained well
  • He/she carries out repair activities of the machinery that have been damaged or may discuss with the senior administrative personnel to suggest if any equipment needs to be purchased
  • He/she is also responsible for handling the financial transactions and is involved in payroll processing, controlling the inventory, designing the budgets, and forecasting the future requirements, etc
  • He/she makes sure that high quality cleanliness is maintained and that all the standard regulatory policies are being followed
  • He/she attends the inquiries and resolves the customer complaints so that they remain satisfied and help in ensuring better business
  • He/she also ensures that statutory health and safety regulations are being followed by the workers in the laundry areas
  • In short, he/she makes every effort to promote the laundry so that it is able to attract more clients, thereby increasing the business of the laundry
  • In short, he/she makes sure that the clothing is clean, disinfected, washed, dried, ironed and stored in a proper manner, so as to make the client content and satisfied

Qualified Laundry Managers please forward your resume for review to Eric Clay at or call Eric at 773-494-9365 for more information.

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