Job: Certified Dietary Manager

Categories Medical Staff
Salary $50,000 to $65,000
Location Cincinnati, Ohio
Job Information

Certified Dietary Manager (CDM)

*** Must be CERTIFIED to qualify for the CDM Position ***

We are searching for an experienced and dedicated Certified Dietary Manager for our Skilled Care Facility in Cincinnati, Ohio area.

Job Summary:

The CDM  is responsible for managing or directing multiple direct reports as a leader working remotely from one’s direct manager.  Manages schedules for optimal service performance as needed.  Reviews and analyzes FANS performance utilizing plan data and recommends decisions/approaches to address key operational opportunities and levers, including route sales growth optimization, pricing actions, product inventory and waste reduction and labor cost, which would positively impact the FANS Department. Responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, coaching and counseling management staff and front line personnel to provide ongoing support and development.  Leverages leadership skills to set goals and provide regular performance feedback utilizing all resources available to include work-with observations and established performance management process and tools. Leads the application and execution of key FANS initiatives to improve FANS performance, optimize core processes and positively influence C-suite relationships and FANS opportunities. Drives Service STARS culture and safety leadership, and all key initiatives relating to these core values to provide a positive Market Center environment. Owns and fosters effective communication at all levels of the organization. Ensures daily operations are maintained as scheduled.  Maintains all FANS records, processes and documentation as required to include personnel records, delivery and invoice records, product and asset inventories, contact and pricing communication. Performs other administrative and sales operations duties as required.

Essential Job Skills:

  • Analytical ability to create solutions to difficult administrative, technical or human situations, to anticipate and resolve a broad range of issues and concerns on multiple, sometimes unrelated topics, to determine the need for process development and refinement, to independently evaluate situations and outline ramifications of multiple solutions or options, to recommend goals for a function/area and understand when intervention in current work processes must occur to ensure successful delivery of service.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills for frequent contact with internal customers as well as stakeholders external to the hospital to persuade or negotiate on a wide range of subjects in situations which may be controversial, sensitive and/or lead to confrontation.  A mastery of a variety of communication modalities is required to include leading meetings, making formal presentations and writing complex documents and managing complex relationships over time.
  • Project management skills including the ability to define program, project, or process objectives, identify stakeholders and their interest, plan steps, coordinate and allocate human, technological and fiscal resources to accomplish goals and objectives in a resourceful yet timely manner.
  • Leadership skills including demonstrated willingness to pursue leadership roles with increasing levels of accountability comfort with decision-making responsibilities, coaching, teaching and counseling skills and the ability to inspire and build confidence in others and to forge alliances and garner support.

Qualifications & Education:

  • Associates or Technical Degree in related area or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • CDM Certification is a must
  • 3 years or more of  FAN’s operation experience, including 2 years or more in a Management role
  • Customer service leadership
  • Negotiations
  • Food service or route sales operations training
  • Development of supervisory level, direct reports as well as front line personnel
  • C-suite interaction, communication, organization/time management
  • Multi-tasking and computer skills are critical to the success of this role

Qualified CDM Candidates forward your resume for review to Eric Clay at or call Eric at 773-494-9365 for more information.

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